Summary - Frances Liska and Anton Tauber, Frances Liska and 2nd Husband John Krtezius

Frances Liska Tauber, Krtezius is the sister of John Liska (Julia Lhotka), Veronica Liska (Wenzel Wopat, Martin Pallan) and Anton Liska.

Anton Tauber arrived in the United States on Octobre 31, 1865 aboard the ship Astronomer in New York City.  He was listed as a tailor, and the same continued on Chicago records.

Sometime before 1870 he met and married Frances Liska.  So far I have found no marriage record, but I am assuming this as their first daughter, Rosa, was born in 1869 in Chicago.

Anton Tauber and Frances Liska would have four daughters, and one brother (very little information on brother):

Rosa born October 28, 1869 would marry Emil Fiala on November 1, 1890.  They would live and raise their children in the Berwyn, Illinois area.  Rosa died in 1916, and Emil died in 1921.  I have not been able to find much information on their children.

Frances born September, 1872 would marry Albert Anton Sindelar on April 29, 1893.  Their family would move to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, where it seems other Sindelars were also living.  I have not been able to find much information on their children.

Henry Tauber was born on July 12 and baptized on July 19, 1873.  This is the only record found for Henry, so far.

Sophia born 1876, would marry Peter Teska on May 14, 1898.  By 1910 they were living close to Frances Tauber and Albert Sindelar in Cedar Rapids, but they would eventually move to and live their lives in Montana.  One of their children went to Minnesota and eventually Florida.  Their other child married in Montana, but child and her husband died in the state of Oregon.

Bertha born September 14, 1879 would mary Joseph Kucera on May 26, 1900.  They must have moved to Florida early, as their children also have many records there.

Anton Tauber died after the 1880 census, on December 28, 1880 and is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery.  Bohemian National is where many of the descendants of this family are buried.

Frances Liska Tauber married John Krtezius (so many spellings of the last name have made it difficult to track this person) on May 6, 1882 in Chciago.

One known child was born to Frances and John.

John Krtezius was born in 1883 and died on January 8, 1884.  He is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery

Husband John Krtezius died on May 1, 1894 and is also buried in Bohemian National Cemetery.

The 1900 Census record for Frances Liska Tauber Krtezius is loaded with information.  Three of her four daughters were living in the same building, with their husbands and some with children.  Her fourth daughter, also married was living only a few houses away.

In 1930, Frances Liska Tauber Krtezius was living with married daughter Bertha Tauber Kucera in Berwyn.

Frances died in 1931 in Berwyn.  I am assuming she was still living with her daughter Bertha.  I am also assuming she is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery, but I have not found any records of either so far.