Family Ties - Children of Wenzel Liska and Elizabeth Marek of Kralovice # 185, Bohemia

Wenzel (James, Vaclav, Waclaw) Liska, is the son of Joseph Liska and Barbara Schmid (Barbara born in Zichlitz #23).  Records exist for Wenzel Liska at 185 Kralovice from 1836 until his death in August 29, 1866. While all children birth records for Wenzel as their father list # 185 Kralovice, I thought he was also born there, but I have found no record of that yet.  Find A Grave Memorial #149845542

 Elizabeth/Alzabetha Marek/Marik is the daughter of Bernard Marzik/Marik at Kralovice # 180 and Mother is Veronica born Kratochvile, from Weirow (Vyrov) # 9.  Elizabeth was born November 17, 1818 at # 180 Kralovice.  It appears that Elizabeth had at least two brothers, George, born 1817 at # 180 Kralovice, and Jan born in 1823 at #180 Kralovice.  Records have been found for Elizabeth at 185 Kralovice until she left for the United States in 1868.  No USA record has been found for her so far. Find A Grave Memorial# 149873178

The six known children of Wenzel Liska and Elizabeth Marek of Kralovice # 185, Bohemia are:

John Liska who married Julia Lhotka.  John Liska was born on December 6, 1854 in Kralovice, # 185.  He came to the United States on May 11, 1868 with his brother Anton and mother, Elizabeth.  John married Julia Lhotka in Chicago on November 25, 1876.  He lived in Chicago and in Wisconsin.  He died on September 2, 1942 in Chicago.  He and Julia are buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery, Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

Veronica Liska who married Wenzel Wopat, and after his death, married Martin Pallan  Veronica Liska was born May 3, 1842 in Kralovice, # 185.  On February 4, 1863, Veronica married Wenzel Wopat at her family home, # 185, Kralovice.  Veronica Liska Wopat and Wenzel Wopat came to the United States on September 1865.  Veronica and Wenzel Wopat must have spent a few years in Wisconsin, but most of Veronica's life was lived in Chicago.  After Wenzel Wopat's death, Veronica married Martin Pallan on January 2, 1876 in Chicago.  Veronica Liska Wopat Pallan died March 28, 1910.  She and Martin are buried in Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Anton Liska who married Marie Urban Himer (clarification information courtesy of Radomir).  Anton Liska was born November 21, and baptized on November 22, 1839 in Kralovice, # 185.  He came to the United States on May 11, 1868 with his brother John and mother, Elizabeth.  Anton Liska apparently married Marie Urban in Iowa, as their first born child is listed as born there.  Marie Urban's mother, Anna, came to the USA.  There  mother Anna married a Himer.  Records lists Himmer, Himler, but daughter Marie was born before this marriage.  Anton and Marie spent most of their lives in Vernon County, Wisconsin.  Anton died in the Chicago residence of his sister, Veronica Liska Wopat Pallan, 1415 South 41st Avenue on October 16, 1906. He is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.  His wife Marie, is buried in Czech National Cemetery, Champion Valley, near Yuba, Wisconsin.

Frantiska, "Frances" Liska who married Anton Tauber, and after his death, married John Krtezius.  Frantiska Liska was born October 10, 1845 in Kralovice, # 185.  So far no record has been found for her arrival in the United States.  Frances married Anton Tauber in June of 1868 at Saint Wenceslaus Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Anton Tauber died in 1880 and Frances married John Krtezius on May 6, 1882 in Chicago.  Frances died May 18, 1931 in Berwyn, Illinois.  Frances is most likely buried in Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, as that is the burial site for her second husband John Krtezius.

Anna Liska, who died in infancy in Kralovice, at # 185.  Anna Liska was born July 14, 1848 at # 185 Kralovice.  Anna died in infancy.  She died March 17, 1849 and was buried in Kralovice on March 19, 1849.

Josepha Liska who married Jindrich Hajek in Kralovice.  Josepha Liska was born on March 5, 1839 at # 185 Kralovice.  Josepha Liska married at Kralovice 185. Jindrich Hajek, son of Frank Hajek from Kralovice # 138 on May 11, 1857.  I have tracked so far, the birth of three children, Karel (Charles) Hajek, born March 7, 1859 at Kralovice # 138 and Maria Hajek, born March 24, 1861 at Kralovice #138, a second Maria Hajek born March 16, 1863 at Kralovice # 138.  Josepha Liska and Jindrich Hajek arrived in the USA in 1867 and 1868.  Ancestry records seem to indicate that Jindrich arrived in 1867.  The Liska-Hajek children, born in Bohemia, arrived with Grandmother Elizabeth Liska, Uncles Anton and John Liska on May 11, 1868 in New York City, aboard the ship Deutschland.


# 185 Kralovice After This Liska Family Left For The United States

It appears that Liskas still lived at # 185 Kralovice after this Liska family left for the USA and Josepha Liska married Jindrich Hajek and lived at # 138 .  Several records from the 1860s list an Andrej or Ondrej Liska as the head of the household.  I have not yet been able to clarify those records.