Summary - The Family of Matej Liska and Josefa Liska

On July 15, 1845, Kralovice #177, Matej Liska of Kralovice # 187, from Hradecko, married Josefa Liska of Kralovice # 177.  Her parents were Ondrejc Liska of Kralovice # 177 and Barbara .... of .....#10.  (Still working on trying to make out the spellings.)  Matej's parents were.........

Josefa Liska appears to be the first child of Ondrejc and Barbara born at Kralovice #177.  Others were born later at this same address.

While Matej and Josefa were married in Kralovice, only one known child was born in Kralovice: Adolph Liska born in 1859.

Other known children of Matej and Josefa were born in Hradecko, a small village several miles to the north of Kralovice: Mathilda Liska, born in 1857, Johanna Liska, born in 1854, Marie Liska, born in 1852, Josepha Liska born in 1850 and Albjna Liska, born in 1847.

Upon reaching the USA, name changes would be used: Matej became Mathias or Michael; Josefa/Josepha became Josephine, Johanna became John.

On August 18, 1862, Matej Liska, Josefa Liska and children: Adolph, Mathilda, Johanna, Marie, Josepha and Albjna arrived in New York City aboard the ship Therese.  They had departed from Bremen, Germany.

By the 1870 Chicago census, the youngest child, Adolph is the only one listed on the census record with Matej "Michael" and Josefa "Josephine".  The other children have either died or left home.

Adolph Liska married Maryl Simon Strobel/Stroble on June 22, 1881 in Chicago.  Her death information lists her father as Simon.