Children of Laurentius Liska and Marie Hynek

Laurentius Liska of Hadacka #1, married Marie Hynek of Potvorov #4, on January 27, 1799.  They would have 14 known children over the course of their lives.  Three children died in infancy.  Two children, their spouses, and many of their children did migrate to the United States.  Except for those two, additional information has not been found on the remaining children.  But the search continues. 

Wenzel Liska and Anna Levinsky

The 7th child of Laurentius Liska and Marie Hynek was Wenzel "Vaclav" Liska.  Wenzel was born in 1809.  Wenzel seems to have traveled a distance from home, as he married a woman, Anna Levinsky, who was born in Ronova (#173).  Their marriage record and marriage location has not been discovered yet.  They lived and had children in the village of Radnice, Bohemia.  Records of this family were discovered by accident as I was searching for another family in the Radnice area.

Birth records for seven children have been discovered.  Three of those children did not survive infancy.  Three of those children, including Wenzel and his wife Anna, migrated to the United States and were living in Chicago by the time of the 1870 census.  While many of their descendants lived in the Chicago area, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa, along with other states were also their homes.

So far, I have not found any record listing any connection between these two brothers and their families.  No obituaries mentioning both, and no locations where both were close by, other than Reedsburg, Wisconsin, have been found.

Tomas Liska and Marie/Mary/Maria Vopat

The 11th child of Laurentius Liska and Marie Hynek wasTomas Liska. Tomas was born in 1825. Tomas Liska and  his wife, Marie Vopat, were both born in the Kralovice area.  Tomas was born in Hadacka, a small village adjacent to the Kralovice political district and a few miles south and west of the village of Kralovice.  Marie Vopat was born in Rybnice, a small village approximately five miles south and west of Hadacka.  The families of both Tomas and Marie lived in their respective villages for several generations.  The Kralovice and Hadacka/Vyrov Cadastral Maps of 1839 show a number of fields farmed by both Vopats and Liskas (Lischka, the most common spelling used).

I know a little more of this family, as they are my family members.  My cousin did the intensive research and visited Hadacka.  He collected most of the early records.  Frank, an ardent genealogist, also visited the region seeking information on his own family and provided me with additional background information on the area.  An online connection, through, who I think lives in this area of Czechoslovakia, provided me with additional information on the Vopat family.  I am grateful to all three of them for the information they provided.

Tomas and Marie Vopat Liska were married in Bohemia.  They arrived in the United States in New York City on  October 20, 1863 on the Ship Orpheus.  Four known children accompanied them: Michael, Wencel, Blosko and Mary.

Tomas and Marie Vopat Liska, and their children would live in Richland and Vernon Counties of Wisconsin and Webster County of Iowa.  Their grand children and great grand children would live in most states of the Union (none found so far in Hawaii or Alaska).