Liskas From Kralovice

I have placed my research on the internet in the hope that some one will find my web site and perhaps have information on a connection between the Liska families listed here.  I am also hoping someone can provide additional information on any of the families I currently have listed or families of Liskas that I am not yet aware of.

Kralovice is both a small village and a political district in the Czech Republic.  When the region was known as Bohemia and part of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, Kralovice was home to a number of Liska families in and near the village of Kralovice.  I have seen maps of Bohemia from the late 1830s which list at least three separate Liska/Lischka families living in the Kralovice, Hadacka, Vryov areas, which are adjacent to each other villages and/or political units.  Even today, there are Liska families living in this area of the Czech Republic.

Kralovice, and the small villages nearby, those of particular interest to my research (Hadacka and Vyrov) have numerous spellings associated with them.  Not only proper spellings based on different languages, but those spellings given on ship registries during immigration to the United States, and on birth and death certificates, or news paper obituaries.

I have gathered all of my information using the Internet, either through paid subscription sites, such as Ancestry, or through publically available Internet Sites.  I have been helped by so many people I have met through the Internet, so many people that have contributed information and documents that they are just too numerous to mention.  Without the help of others, also seeking to discover their families, I would not have heard of any other Liska families coming from the Kralovice area, except my own family.  I am very grateful for their help and their sharing.  I have encountered some family tree seekers that gather information from sites and from people willing to share, but then keep all of their information hidden from view, gathering, but not sharing, and thus making it difficult for others to establish connections.  That is not the intent of my project.

Children of Joseph liska of Manetin and Barbara Simice of Zichlitz

Three children of Joseph Liska and Barbara Simice and sixteen of their children made it to the United States: (Chart above)

1. Parents John Liska (son of Joseph Liska and Barbara Simice) and Frantiska Fencl (Fenzl)

2. John Liska (son of Wencel Liska and Elizabeth Marik) and Julia Lhotka

3. Veronica (Vernonika) Liska (daughter of Wencel Liska and Elizbeth Marik) and Wenzel Wopat (Wopat died and Liska remarried a Pallan)

4. Frances Liska (daughter of Wencel Liska and Elizabeth Marik) and Anton Tauber and second husband John Krtezius

5. Anton Liska (son of Wencel Liska and Elizabeth Marik)

6. Josepha Liska (daugher of Wencel Liksa and Elizabeth Maik)

7. Parents Matej Liska (son of Joseph Liska and Barbara Simice) and Josepha Liska

7. Wenzel Liska (son of Tomas Liska and Maria Vopat) and Anna Levinsky.  Tomas Liska and Maria Vopat - My Family (Chart Above )  AND Tomas Liska (son of Tomas Liska and Maria Vopat) My Direct Family - Both under Liska Vopat Tab

8. John Liska (son of Andreas Lischka and Erzebet Kovatsek)  and Barbara Kipper - John Liska, his family left the Kralovice area for Hungary, and later migrated to Chicago.