John Lischka and Barbara Kipper

John Lischka, born in Lovrin, Hungary is the son of Ferenc Lischka, born in Kralovice, Bohemia and Anna Hilger, born in Lovrin, Hungary.  Ferenc Lischka is the son of Andreas Lischka and Erszbet Kovatsek, both born in Kralovice, Bohemia. (Note  - this family information was put together through information posted at and finding those census and immigration records which confirm immigration and living in the USA.  While I continue to search records of Kralovice, and an Andreas Lischka (Liska) has been found, so far no record for an Elizabeth Kovatsek has been found, nor the birth of Ferenc Lischka (Liska) for Kralovice.  Surrounding villages have not been searched.)

For some reason, Ferenc Lischka left Bohemia and made it to Lovrin, Hungary and there he married Anna Hilger.

It is possible that more Lischkas than Ferenc reached Lovrin, and probably more possible that Ferenc had more children than John, as a number of Lischka families from Lovrin, Hungary came to the United States.

In fact quite a few Lischka families from Hungary, not Lovrin in particular, poured out of Hungary between 1900 and 1920, settling in the United States and Canada.

John Lischka and Barbara Kipper made it to Chicago in May of 1906.  They returned to Hungary a few years later, returning with a son left behind on the first trip and two cousins (Weismann).  One Ancestry family tree lists a Lischka married a Weismann in Hungary, remaining there all her life.