Veronica Liska - Wenzel Wopat - Martin Pallan

Veronica Liska - Wopat - Pallan appears to be the first of this family of Liskas to reach the United States.

Veronica Liska is the verified, by Kralovice birth and marriage records. Veronica is the sister of John Liska, who married Julia Lhotka. Veronica is the sister of Anton Liska who married Marie Himmer.  Veronica is the sister of Josepha or Josephine Liska.  Only her birth record has been found so far.  Birth records also verifty Veronica, John, Anton and Josepha are four of the known children of James (Vaclav, Waclaw, Wenzel) Liska and his wife Elizabeth (Alzabetha) Marek/Marik of Kralovice # 185.

After the death of father James (Vaclav, Waclaw, Wenzel) mother Elizabeth (Alzabetha), John and brother Anton, also came to the United States.  While Brother Anton would marry, live and have children in Iowa and Wisconsin, he would die in the Chicago residence of his sister, Veronica Liska Wopat Pallan, 1415 South 41st Avenue on October 16, 1906.

Veronica Liska was born May 3, 1842 at Kralovice # 186 (or 185).  Jiri, has helped me find and translate a number of these records. Veronica's father was Wenzel Liska, a wagon master in Kralovice, son of Joseph Liska, a wagon master in Kozlany # 186 and Joseph's wife, Barbara Schmid, a farmer's daughter from Zichlitz.  Veronica's mother was Alzabetha, a daughter of Bernard Marzik/Marik a burgher in Kralovice # 180 and her mother was Veronica born Kratochvile, a bricklayer's daughter from Weirow # 9.

Veronica Liska married Wenzel Wopat on February 4, 1863 in the village of Kralovice, Bohemia. This event is listed at Kralovice # 185.  Wenzel Wopat, according to the marriage record was born in Cernikovice # 15 on January 17, 1827.

Veronica Liska and her husband Wenzel Wopat came to the USA, arriving in Baltimore on the Ship Neptune in the September of 1865.  The same ship carried members of the Machachek and Holak families, who ended up in Union Township of Vernon County, Wisconsin and eventually became related to my branch of the Liska family.

Veronica's father, James (Vaclav, Waclaw, Wenzel) died in 1866 (still having a tough time trying to read the date).  He was still listed at Kralovice # 185.  Two years later, his wife, Elizabeth and sons John and Anton would also migrate to the United States and Chicago. 

So far no 1870 census record has been found for the family, but the 1871 Chicago Directory, based on the 1870 census did list the family at 488 S. Canal.  At 486 South Canal, Veronica's brother, John Liska, would have his family residence for a number of years.  The ship registry listed Wenzel Wopat as a farmer headed for Chicago.  The 1871 Chicago Directory lists Wenzel as a tailor.

It seems, if census records and death certificates are accurate, Veronica Liska and Wenzel Wopat lived in Wisconsin for a short period of time before the first verified Chicago record of 1871.  Their son, Frank Wopat Vopat is listed as having been born in Wisconsin in 1866.

By 1876, Vernonica's first husband Wenzel Wopat would die, as Veronica married her second husband, Martin Pallan, born in Bohemia, on January 2nd of 1876 in Chicago.