John Liska and Frantiska Fencl

Information on John Liska and Frantiska Fencl has been gathered from Internet genealogy postings and the Ancestry web site.

John Liska was born circa 1823 in Bohemia and died on September 27, 1874 in Chicago, Illinois.  Frantiska Fencl was born circa 1835, with Internet postings listing her as being born in Kralovice.  Frantiska Fencl spellings alternate with different postings and records.  Frantiska died August 26, 1899 in Chicago.  Her death residence was 1150 South Oakley Street.  She is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery.

The birth certificate of their daughter, Josephine, born in 1869 in Chicago, lists father John's parents as Joseph and Barbara, and mother Frantiska's parents as Jiri and Marie.

John and Frantiska were perhaps married by 1855 in Bohemia, as one of the children that came to the United States with them was born in Kralovice in 1855.

Tracking this family is not the easiest as their name changes with many of the records.  They were Lischke, Lischka on the ship registry, and used Fox in the 1870 and 1880 Census records, and one Chicago Directory listing has John as John Lischa.  I think our ancestors should have known, that sooner or later, their descendants would start looking for them, and they would have used the same spelling and same name on all of their records to make it easier for us to track them!

Note - After searching through 20 years of Kralovice Church records, and the birth, marriage and death indexes for the Kralovice Church District in Actapublica, I have not found any other Liska records which match these family members.  It is possible they were married in the Kralovice area, but their Bohemia born children were not born in the district.